Breast Enlargement Pump (Dual)


Model: PSB-415

Material: ABS + Silicone

Color: Pink

Power: 8W

Charging Voltage: 3.7V

Battery: 1200mAh

Cup Diameter: 125mm/135mm

Certificate:CE RoHS

Warranty: 1 Year

Services: OEM/ODM, Dropshipping

MOQ: 1pcs

Production Time: 15 Days

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Breast Enlargement Pump Features:

  1. High Polyesters, Strong Breast Enhancement, Tight and Sharp
  2. Vacuum Adsorption, Physical Breast Enhancement, Say Goodbye to Flat, Small and Saggy Breasts
  3. Easy Operation
  4. Two Cups


What is the effect in the end?

  • Powerful Breast Augmentation: Straight up plump up
  • Firm and firm: continuous installation into the breasts
  • Shape your breasts, and take good care of them
  • Vacuum adsorption, healthy breast enhancement. Physical breast enhancement, say goodbye to flat, small, sagging


Confidential delivery

Protect your privacy, don’t worry about being seen embarrassed when you sign for the package. Products are delivered confidentially, no store name or sensitive words are written on the package to protect customer privacy


The correct way to use the breast enlargement pump

  1. Use one suction and one release for the first two weeks to get used to it. In the first two weeks of use, one inhale and one release, press and hold the back button to deflate, one inhale and one release is to inhale a little and then deflate. 3 minutes, after slowly getting used to it, the time is increased a little bit, and the second week can accumulate 5-8 minutes (once a day).
  2. In the third week, if you get used to it, you don’t need to suck and let go, you can keep sucking. After getting used to it, you don’t need to inhale and release, you can keep inhaling, and the time will gradually increase for 5-20 minutes.
  3. Time to use essential oils. Use the instrument first, then use the essential oil. If you use the essential oil directly and then use the instrument, the vacuum cup will not be able to absorb it. Drop 1-2 drops of the essential oil on the chest and massage the chest for 3-5 minutes.

Additional information

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 10.5 × 4.5 cm
Product list

Data cable, electric breast beauty device, manual, essential oil

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