Face Steamer

Face Steamer Parameter

Model: PSB-155

Material: ABS

Color: White

Power: 150W

Frequency: 50Hz

Voltage: 220V

Water Tank Capacity: 65ML

Adapter: US, EU, UK, AU

Warranty: 1 Year

Certificate: CE, CCC

Services: OEM/Dropshipping

MOQ: 1pcs

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Face Steamer Features:

  1. Steamed Face Silicone Mask and Smoked Nose Silicone Mask, Soft and Do Not Harm Our Body
  2. Steam Face, Smoke Nose, Moisturize Skin, Decontaminate
  3. Nano Water Molecules Quickly Penetrate Into the Skin, Unclog Pores, and Replenish Water Effectively
  4. Live Itching, Anti-Inflammatory, and Sterilization, Inhibit Acne Formation
  5. Remove Dead Skin Cells and Promote Collagen Regeneration

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Additional information

Weight0.74 kg
Dimensions16 × 13 × 26 cm
Packing List

Machine*1pcs, User Manual*1pcs