Hair Straightening Comb

Hair Straightening Comb Parameter

Product Name: Negative ion hair straightening comb
Input: DC 5W/2A
Rated power: 30- 40W
Heating method: MCH heating
Tenperature range: 320’F-390’F (160C-200’C)
Working time: about 50 minutes

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Hair Straightening Comb Features

  • [Convenient wireless design]
    Small body, compact design, easy to carry, fast heating,  can always maintain perfect shape.
  • [USB charging]
    Through the intelligent charging chip control can be connected to the USB charging port to achieve 2 hours of high power Fast charging with high current.
  • [Patented comb tooth design]
    The unique design of the comb tooth structure prevents burns while increasing the contact area between hair and The unique design of the tooth structure prevents burns while increasing the contact area between the hair and the heating teeth for efficient styling.
  • [Ceramic glazed heated teeth]
    Advanced ceramic glaze coating is used to make the heat more even, from the inside out so that Every strand of hair is heated at a constant temperature, protecting hair from heat damage caused by overheating. The hair is protected from excessive heat damage.
  • [Negative ion function]
    Use the spray of negative ions to neutralize hair static, reduce frizz, and make hair more shiny and healthy.
hair straightening comb

OEM/ODM Service

We approval customized customer’s logo, manual, and packing box. For customized, MOQ required 500pcs.

Warranty Terms

For all of our products, the warranty is one year.
Before shipment, we will test them one by one.
Before shipment, the packing picture of the product will be sent for checking.

Sample Terms

The sample needs to be charged, but it will be refunded once you place a bulk order.


Hair Straightening Comb Operation Instruction:

Key/ indicator description
(1) click the power button, LED light screen, three grid power display, full grid light for full power.
(2) long press the power button for 1.5 seconds, the product default power on the first gear (160’C/320°F) work Product work state negative ion automat ically start.
(3) according to different hair needs, click the power button after power on to select the appropriate temperature gear.
(4) long press the power button for 1.5 seconds to shut down, all lights go off after shutdown and stop heating.
(5) When the product is charging, the LED screen flashes and the machine stops working.
(6) LED screen flashes alarm when the product power is below 20% to remind the need for charging.

Wireless direct use of operation
(1) This appliance has the intelligent feature of high efficiency and energy saving, after 9 minutes of power on it will automatically shut down, if you need to use it again, you can long press the on/off button1.5 seconds to restart the wireless hair straightening comb.
(2) When using the product, the hair should be in a dry state, otherwise it will not achieve the styling effect or expected effect.
(3) When the product is running, the default negative ion function is always on.
(4) The product charging, the ambient temperature can not be higher than 40 °C, and charging state cannot be used.