Myofascial Massager

Myofascial Massager Parameter

Model: PSB-189
Material: Metal + Plastic + Silicone
Color: White, Black
Rated/Output Power: 0.5W/Max 0.8W
Input Voltage/Current: 3.7V/0.4A
Mainboard: With NMES Function
Battery: 1100mAh
Charging/Working Time: 4H/4-5H
Warranty: 1 Year

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Three major features of Myofascial Massager

  • [Curved Surface Blade Design]  More fit the body parts, deep relaxing massage
  • [One-click Design]  Complete all operations with one click
  • [Wireless Operation Small And Portable]  Can be used with one hand massage and relax anytime, anywhere

Myofascial Massager Benefits:

1. Detoxification
Myofascial massager can stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, promote the body’s lymphatic circulation, and accelerate the discharge of waste and toxins from the body. At the same time, it can also promote the body’s metabolism and make the body healthier.

2. Relieve muscle fatigue and pain
Myofascial massager can relieve muscle fatigue and pain in the body through scraping and pressing. It can dredge and relax fascia, relieve pain caused by fascia adhesion and inflammation. In addition, it can also stimulate the body’s nerve endings, promote the release of natural pain-relieving substances in the body, and help relieve pain.

3. Relieve stress and anxiety
Myofascial massager can stimulate the body’s nerve endings, promoting relaxation and soothing of the body. It can help reduce physical and mental stress and tension, relieve anxiety and depression.

4. Improves posture and flexibility
Myofascial massager can help adjust body posture and posture, and relieve body stiffness and discomfort. At the same time, the myofascial massager can also promote the body’s blood circulation and muscle flexibility, and improve the body’s flexibility and exercise efficiency.

5. Improves skin quality
Myofascial massager can promote the body’s lymphatic drainage, eliminate skin toxins and wastes, and at the same time, it can also promote the production of collagen and elastin, improve skin quality, and make the skin more elastic and shiny.

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OEM/ODM Service

We approval customized customer’s logo, manual, and packing box. For customized, MOQ required 500pcs.

Warranty Terms

For all of our products, the warranty is one year.
Before shipment, we will test them one by one.
Before shipment, the packing picture of the product will be sent for checking.

Sample Terms

The sample needs to be charged, but it will be refunded once you place a bulk order.


Tips for using Myofascial Massager:

Forbidden Personnel:
1. Patients who use pacemakers or have serious heart rhythm problems
2. Patients with cognitive impairment and skin sensory paralysis
3. Babies,pregnant women and parturients (within 60 days after childbirth)

Forbidden Parts:
1. Implantation parts such as metal and plastic
2. Skin ulcers
3. Heart, carotid artery, femur and anterior throat

Forbidden Action:
1. Do not put the product in water
2. Prohibited to use during machine operation or driving
3. Prohibit self- -disassembly and maintenance

Recommended To Use:
1. This product can not be close to strong magnets
2. During use, please do not use the same part for a long time
3. After use, please clean the cutter head with a dust-free cloth
4. For safety,please keep away from children