Neck Lifting Massager

Neck Lifting Massager Parameter

Material: ABS
Color: White, black, colorful
Voltage/Current: 5V/1A
Battery: 500mAh
Working Time: About 3H
Modes: EMS, Hot, Clean
Vibration Frequency: 7000 Times/Min
Tricolor Light: Blue Light, Red Light, Green Light
Function: Fades Fine Lines, Brighten Skin Color, Import Essence, Warm Lift, EMS Firming, Soothes Skin
Warranty: 1 Year

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Neck Lifting Massager Benefits:

PSB chin & neck lifting massager, sonic vibration-iontophoresis. Treatment by radio frequency technology can stimulate the metabolism of subcutaneous cells during the treatment process, and can also expel damaged and aging cells. At the same time, it can also stimulate skin blood circulation and metabolic functions, and can also achieve the effect of delaying aging and reducing wrinkles on the face.

neck lifting massager

neck lifting massager

neck lifting massager neck lifting massager neck lifting massager neck lifting massager neck lifting massager

OEM/ODM Service

We approval customized customer’s logo, manual, and packing box. For customized, MOQ required 500pcs.

Warranty Terms

For all of our products, the warranty is one year.
Before shipment, we will test them one by one.
Before shipment, the packing picture of the product will be sent for checking.

Sample Terms

The sample needs to be charged, but it will be refunded once you place a bulk order.


Tips for using Neck Lifting Massager:

During the lifting beauty treatment, you need to do a good job of skin maintenance. It is best to use a medical mask for external application, which can eliminate the moisture needed by the skin. You need to control the time when applying the mask, about 10 minutes to 15 minutes each time Better.

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