Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber


型号: PSB-015

材质: ABS+不锈钢


额定功率: 1.5W

电池: 500mAh/3.7V

超声波频率: 23K-25KHZ/S

叶片频率: 24k±1k/S

档位: 4档

充电方式: USB充电

保修期: 1 年


服务: OEM/直销

最小起订量: 1 件


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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Features:

  1. Ultrasonic High-Frequency Vibration, Strongly Remove Blackheads
  2. Positive and Negative Ion Pulse, Import and Export, Speed Up the Export of Foreign Bodies in the Skin and Promote the Absorption of Skin Nutrients.
  3. EMS Current Tightens Sagging Skin, High-Frequency Vibration, Get Rid of Blackheads, Clear Out Acne, Reduce Oil, Lift and Tighten Face

Ultrasonic skin scrubber instruction

Preparationprior touse
1. For the first use, please charge the machine for 2h.
2. Press and hold the key for 2 seconds, turn it on or off, and press the key to switch the function.
3. Clean the shovel of machine with a piece of clean cloth or cotton pad.
4. Apply the cleanser solution or clean water to the skin.
5. When there is no power, automatically turn off after the two drops sounds. When charging, the lights are lit one by one, fully charged and the lights are all on.

Additional information

Weight0.128 kg
Dimensions26 × 7.7 × 4.1 cm
Packing List

Machine*1pcs. , USB Cable*1pcs, User Manual*1pcs